Reverse phone directory of Novyy Urengoy (YAmalo-Nenetskiy AO)

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Dir: RussiaNovyy Urengoy phone numbers range 952499-952508

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Phone Lastname, name Address
952499 Ismagilov Rn Studencheskiy, bld. 6, appt. 51
952501 Karpenko Og Sovetskiy, bld. 8/1, appt. 48
952502 Evseev Vi Sovetskiy, bld. 8/1, appt. 64
952503 Kazakov Sl Sovetskiy, bld. 8/1, appt. 29
952504 Perfileva Va Sovetskiy, bld. 6/2, appt. 20
952505 Pankeeva Im Sovetskiy, bld. 2/3, appt. 93
952506 Sidorenko Lv Sovetskiy, bld. 8/1, appt. 71
952507 Karpova Lv Sovetskiy, bld. 1/6, appt. 19
952508 Gavrilova Ei YUbileynyy, bld. 8/1, appt. 28

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