Reverse phone directory of Ulyanovka (Kirovogradskaya oblast)

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Phone Lastname, name Address
22960 Tsiganets Gv Sadova Vul., bld. 26/А
22961 Kravets La Radgospna Vul., bld. 2/А
22962 Lobachevska Va Gorkogo Vul., bld. 20/А
22963 Rizhuk Yue Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 8/А
22964 Belous Nk Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 6/А
22965 Dobrovolska Vm Lєrmontova Vul., bld. 25/А
22967 Tuman Mf Engelsa Vul., bld. 1/А
22968 Zarishnyuk Ls SHevchenko Vul., bld. 8/А
22969 Sverdlyakovska Tn Lenіna Vul., bld. 7/А, appt. 6
22970 Ezhova Lv Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 34/А
22971 Gudima Ns Radgospna Vul., bld. 5/А, appt. 46
22972 Voronyuk Lm Sadova Vul., bld. 44/А
22973 Maksyuta Tt Radgospna Vul., bld. 10/А
22974 Poberezhets Ma Radgospna Vul., bld. 11/А
22975 Rekechinskiy Sm Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 4/А, appt. 6
22976 Rusavskiy Av Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 4/А, appt. 7
22977 Lokhaіvskiy Yup Promisloviy Prov., bld. 5/А, appt. 12
22978 Makoviychuk Vv Uritskogo Vul., bld. 60/А
22979 Yangaeva Na Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 34/А
22980 Tsikalyuk Lf Lenіna Vul., bld. 28/А
22981 Buryachenko Vі Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 30/А
22982 Doma Sn Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 21/А
22983 Galushka Mm Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 20/А
22984 Forosenko Gv Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 43/А
22985 Tolobko Nv Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 30/А
22986 Rizhuk As Kotovskogo Vul., bld. 5/А, appt. 2
22987 Smilyanets Mo CHervonoarmіyska Vul., bld. 9/А
22988 Zakaptyuk Ia Petrіvskogo Vul.
22989 Silaev Na Ostrovskogo Vul., bld. 6/А
22990 Pavlenko Op ZHovtneva Vul., bld. 81/А
22991 Kopaygorodskiy As Zalіznichna Vul., bld. 30/А
22992 Kryukova Av Krupska Vul., bld. 15/А
22993 Poberezhets Yue Krupska Vul., bld. 13/А
22994 Sarzhevskiy Nf Zalіznichna Vul., bld. 40/А
22995 Gontaruk Av Zalіznichna Vul., bld. 34/А
22996 Gerasimenko Bd Krupska Vul., bld. 3/А
22997 Chernіenko Bd Krupska Vul., bld. 4/А
22998 Tsikalyuk Myu Mayakovskogo Proїzd, bld. 7/А
23101 Savranskiy Ov Danilova Balka
23110 Voronіvskiy La Danilova Balka
23111 Kravets Sb Danilova Balka
23112 Chabanyuk Dd Danilova Balka
23113 Ivanov Vv Danilova Balka
23114 Yur Ek Danilova Balka
23115 Tomachinskiy Yus Danilova Balka
23117 Kravets Vt Danilova Balka
23118 Chopik Bs Danilova Balka
23119 Zadorozhna Mi Danilova Balka
23120 Dyachok Vd Danilova Balka
23121 Kurashkevich Vs Danilova Balka

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