Reverse phone directory of Ulyanovka (Kirovogradskaya oblast)

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Dir: UkraineUlyanovka phone numbers range 22864-22960

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Phone Lastname, name Address
22864 Rusavskiy Am Promisloviy Prov., bld. 9/А, appt. 6
22865 Kutsenko Sp Promisloviy Prov., bld. 7/А, appt. 3
22866 Koval Vm Promisloviy Prov., bld. 7/А, appt. 2
22867 Forosenko Af CHkalova Vul., bld. 10/А
22868 Shevchenko Na CHkalova Vul., bld. 27/А
22869 Sivenko Zv CHkalova Vul., bld. 32/А
22870 Nakonechna Lm Petrіvskogo Vul., bld. 32/А, appt. 4
22871 Pribilska Dv Lenіna Vul., bld. 114/А
22872 Gordіychuk Se Engelsa Vul., bld. 27/А, appt. 12
22873 Ostapchuk Am Karєrna Vul., bld. 4/А, appt. 2
22874 Vatsyuk Vі Kіrova Vul., bld. 17/А
22875 Balan Mg Kіrova Vul., bld. 23/А
22876 Golovko Lb Kіrova Vul., bld. 9/А
22878 Khorishchenko Av Pіonerska Vul., bld. 23/А
22879 Poberezhets Ln Petrіvskogo Vul., bld. 59/А
22880 Matsko Nv Lєrmontova Vul., bld. 9/А, appt. 2
22881 Іvanko Pn Pіvdenna Vul., bld. 21/А
22882 Glinskiy Vv Lenіna Vul., bld. 9/А, appt. 7
22883 Palamarchuk Mf Gagarіna Vul., bld. 92/А
22884 Іlchenko La Lenіna Vul., bld. 11/А, appt. 2
22885 Boguslavskiy Ov 50 Rokіv ZHovtnya Vul., bld. 24/А
22888 Ribachenko Vb Gagarіna Vul., bld. 90/А
22889 Sakhno Em SHamraєve
22890 Glukhov Ap Promisloviy Prov., bld. 7/А, appt. 7
22891 Kravchuk Sp SHCHorsa Vul., bld. 6/А, appt. 6
22892 Kondratyuk Pa Promisloviy Prov., bld. 7/А, appt. 8
22893 Barskiy Va Promislova Vul., bld. 16/А, appt. 4
22894 Kharkava Lv Promislova Vul., bld. 5/А, appt. 1
22895 Korennoy Vp Promislova Vul., bld. 5/А, appt. 9
22896 Gavrilyuk Nі Promisloviy Prov., bld. 5/А, appt. 8
22897 Yakimenko Mі Petrіvskogo Vul., bld. 27/А, appt. 3
22898 Kolpakov Av Promislova Vul., bld. 2/А, appt. 3
22899 Serdyuchenko Mo Krupska Vul., bld. 60/А
22900 Kriviy Іa Sadova Vul., bld. 64/А
22901 Kislitsya Lі Gagarіna Vul., bld. 21/А, appt. 21
22902 Vishneviy Sі Gogolya Vul., bld. 19/А, appt. 4
22903 Balan Vs Lenіna Vul., bld. 78/А, appt. 2
22904 Maroslіp Nv :manіti, bld. 3/А
22905 Kulik Vm Petrіvskogo Vul., bld. 29/А
22906 Kulik Aa Lomonosova Vul., bld. 50/А
22908 Artvіkh Aі Vorovskogo Vul., bld. 23/А, appt. 2
22909 Menchinskiy Vp Tіtova Vul., bld. 16/А
22910 Mulyar Na Lomonosova Vul., bld. 68/А
22911 Slivka Vl CHekhova Vul., bld. 108/А
22912 Maslyanіch Dd CHapaєva Vul., bld. 33/А
22913 Olіynіchenko Ap CHapaєva Vul., bld. 95/А
22914 Shepeta Sd CHapaєva Vul., bld. 55/А
22915 Barіnova Ag CHapaєva Vul., bld. 94/А
22916 Bashtanar Vf CHapaєva Vul., bld. 101/А
22917 Voloshchuk Ot CHapaєva Vul., bld. 67/А

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