Reverse phone directory of Ichnya (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineIchnya phone numbers range 28481-28599

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Ichnya, phone numbers range 28481-28599 showed persons 1—50 from 93 (1.28 sec)

Phone Lastname, name Address
28481 Kebenko Іm Berezhіvka
28482 Gunko Om Berezhіvka
28483 Demchenko Mі Berezhіvka
28484 Klimenko Aі Berezhіvka
28486 Krush Tm Berezhіvka
28488 Kondratenko Am Berezhіvka
28489 Markhay Pm Berezhіvka
28490 Lukasevich Nf Berezhіvka
28492 Lisogor Іg Berezhіvka
28493 Radchenko Іm Berezhіvka
28494 Vasilenko Vp Berezhіvka
28495 Antonenko Mm Berezhіvka
28497 Naumets Ud Berezhіvka
28498 Sakun Nm Berezhіvka
28499 Veselov Vv Berezhіvka
28500 Datsenko Ms Zaudayka
28501 Maydan Іm Zaudayka
28503 Maydan On Zaudayka
28505 Solov'yan Sa Zaudayka
28506 Borshch Na Zaudayka
28507 Solov'yan No Zaudayka
28508 Borshch Nm Zaudayka
28509 Kunik Oo Zaudayka
28510 Zhadko Ma Zaudayka
28511 Shara La Zaudayka
28512 Lisogor Ap Zaudayka
28514 Kotko Oo Zaudayka
28515 Solov'yan Po Zaudayka
28516 Pokhilko Mі Zaudayka
28519 Zhadko Kp Zaudayka
28520 Kotko Vv Zaudayka
28522 Malish Pm Zaudayka
28524 Borshch Oa Zaudayka
28525 Sakhno Ng Zaudayka
28526 Yaroshenko Gі Zaudayka
28527 Maydan Me Zaudayka
28528 Borshch Gp Zaudayka
28529 Borshch Mf Zaudayka
28531 Sipliviy Vі Zaudayka
28532 Shariy Gm Zaudayka
28534 Zhadko Sya Zaudayka
28535 Yanovskiy Vі Zaudayka
28538 Zhadko Tg Zaudayka
28541 Borshch Pp Zaudayka
28544 Kandzyuba Mya Zaudayka
28545 Maydan Op Zaudayka
28546 Chumak Gr Zaudayka
28547 Maydan Gm Zaudayka
28548 Solov'yan Od Zaudayka
28549 Derkach Іg Zaudayka

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