Reverse phone directory of Ichnya (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineIchnya phone numbers range 27645-28022

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Phone Lastname, name Address
27645 Korsun Og Vіlshana
27647 Bereznenko Gm Vіlshana
27648 Sidorenko Gv Vіlshana
27649 Vasilenko Dg Vіlshana
27650 Dzhulay Yuo Vіlshana
27651 Muray Ov Vіlshana
27652 Bereznenko Gm Vіlshana
27654 Pivovar Mk Vіlshana
27655 Lazarenko Vv Vіlshana
27656 Sereda Mm Vіlshana
27657 Bereznenko Pp Vіlshana
27658 Saenko Vf Vіlshana
27659 Zhovner Nk Vіlshana
27900 Khristyuk Іa Krupichpole
27901 Tretyak Ov Krupichpole / Noviy Podіl
27902 Demchuk Mv Krupichpole
27903 Karpets Nm Krupichpole
27905 Struk Ov Krupichpole
27906 Sklyar Vv Krupichpole
27907 Svinchak Ao Krupichpole / Noviy Podіl
27909 Buryak Gp Krupichpole
27911 Naumenko Gp Krupichpole
27912 Sorokun Gk Krupichpole
27914 Sklyar Pm Krupichpole
27915 Berezhnyak Fo Krupichpole
27916 Chayka Vm Krupichpole
27917 Khristyuk Gv Krupichpole
27918 Martinenko Mі Krupichpole
27919 Khristyuk Nm Krupichpole
27920 Chayka Va Krupichpole
27921 Loshchina Oo Krupichpole
27922 Skripka Gі Krupichpole
27924 Losina Mm Krupichpole
27925 Kostyuchok Pі Krupichpole
27926 Shkolniy Vm Krupichpole
27927 Semenchenko Gg Krupichpole
27928 Gerasimenko Vs Krupichpole
27933 Kovalenko Vі Krupichpole
27934 Nechesa Іo Krupichpole
27937 Chayka Mm Krupichpole
27938 Shevchenko Vt Krupichpole
27940 Losina Mm Krupichpole
27946 Savchenko Vm Krupichpole
27947 Khristyuk Mm Krupichpole
27948 Khristyuk Vm Krupichpole
27949 Khalimon Mk Krupichpole
27950 Momot Md Krupichpole
27954 Khristyuk Ms Krupichpole
27955 Rusalim Om Krupichpole
27956 Khristyuk Lv Krupichpole

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