Reverse phone directory of Ichnya (CHernigovskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineIchnya phone numbers range 24439-25112

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Phone Lastname, name Address
24439 Gulya Vl Parafіїvka
24440 Lubenko Ov Parafіїvka
24441 Cherep Nd Parafіїvka
24442 Kosenkiy Vm Parafіїvka
24444 Kutsenko Vv Parafіїvka
24445 Melnikov Yuo Parafіїvka
24446 Іlchenko Oa Parafіїvka
24447 Spitsya Nm Parafіїvka
24449 Andrusenko Md Parafіїvka
24450 Prekrasna Og Parafіїvka
24451 Ryabchun Gd Parafіїvka
24452 Kurkay Af Parafіїvka
24454 Tkachenko Oє Parafіїvka
24456 Klimchenko Ap Parafіїvka
24457 Strashko Іp Parafіїvka
24458 Grebenevich Gm Parafіїvka
24459 Kotlyar Sm Parafіїvka
24460 Korchevska Nyu Parafіїvka
24461 Prudko Oo Parafіїvka
24462 Yakub Vs Parafіїvka
24463 Pasternak Np Parafіїvka
24464 Klopov Іv Parafіїvka
24465 Kutsenko Eі Parafіїvka
24466 Trokhimenko Іі Parafіїvka
24467 Trokhimenko Mv Parafіїvka
24468 Struk Om Parafіїvka
24469 Galyuga Ek Parafіїvka
24470 Krivets Vv Parafіїvka
24471 Khodak Gm Parafіїvka
24472 Gatsura Sv Parafіїvka
24473 Motuzka Ag Parafіїvka
24475 Tarasenko Gs Parafіїvka
24476 Yaroshenko Gg Parafіїvka
24478 Onashko Mv Parafіїvka
24479 Kutsenko Gv Parafіїvka
24480 Petrusha Vm Parafіїvka
24481 Krivenko Om Parafіїvka
24482 Davidenko Vm Parafіїvka
24483 Malyutenko Vm Parafіїvka
24484 Doroshenko Vі Parafіїvka
24485 Burenko Pp Parafіїvka
24486 Ribenko Aa Parafіїvka
24487 Yatselenko Vf Parafіїvka
24488 Maslak Pv Parafіїvka
24489 Yatselenko Ao Parafіїvka
24490 Sklyar Ss Parafіїvka
24491 Pashchenko Gі Parafіїvka
24492 Trikoz No Parafіїvka
24493 Yatselenko Vv Parafіїvka
24495 Teslenko Vі Parafіїvka

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