Reverse phone directory of YAgotin (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineYAgotin phone numbers range 32103-32210

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Phone Lastname, name Address
32103 Borshch Ov CHernyakhovka
32104 Serykh Vm CHernyakhovka
32105 Potylchak Ip CHernyakhovka
32106 Tovsta Kg CHernyakhovka
32107 Rybak Ae CHernyakhovka
32108 Ryabus Gya CHernyakhovka
32109 Sidorenko Ii CHernyakhovka
32111 Rybak Ga CHernyakhovka
32112 Gopkalo Yag CHernyakhovka
32113 Drofa Vn CHernyakhovka
32114 Zaets Gp CHernyakhovka
32115 Yatsik Rg CHernyakhovka
32116 Babitskiy Im CHernyakhovka
32117 Kravets Ii CHernyakhovka
32118 Ter Ge CHernyakhovka
32119 Gvozdyanyy Gi CHernyakhovka
32120 Kovalenko Mg CHernyakhovka
32121 Ryabchenko Om CHernyakhovka
32122 Pivak Va CHernyakhovka
32123 Kholosha Sm CHernyakhovka
32124 Kosyachenko Gya CHernyakhovka
32125 Tarasenko Vv CHernyakhovka
32126 Moloshtan Mi CHernyakhovka
32127 Zaets Ba CHernyakhovka
32128 Byashchnyuk Vm CHernyakhovka
32129 Loboda Dv CHernyakhovka
32130 Potilchak Km CHernyakhovka
32132 Batrak Vm CHernyakhovka
32133 Bondarenko Eg CHernyakhovka
32134 Pivak Mm CHernyakhovka
32135 Kiva Ng CHernyakhovka
32136 Bondarenko Eg CHernyakhovka
32137 Motora Nn CHernyakhovka
32139 Drofa Vi CHernyakhovka
32142 Kruglyak Ge CHernyakhovka
32144 Kosyachenko Vv CHernyakhovka
32145 Iskra Vv CHernyakhovka
32146 Bordiyan Gv CHernyakhovka
32147 Metil Ea CHernyakhovka
32148 Kobzar Oi CHernyakhovka
32149 Ilenko Sm CHernyakhovka
32150 Poluniyazov Mr CHernyakhovka
32151 Peretyatko Na CHernyakhovka
32152 Filimonovskaya Le CHernyakhovka
32153 Alekseeva Og CHernyakhovka
32154 Yurchenko Is CHernyakhovka
32155 Bas Vm CHernyakhovka
32156 Pinchuk Fa CHernyakhovka
32157 Kruglyak Op CHernyakhovka
32158 Pidpomoga Va CHernyakhovka

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