Reverse phone directory of Skvira (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineSkvira phone numbers range 27145-27219

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Phone Lastname, name Address
27145 Petyur Oa Krivosheentsy
27147 Parfenyuk Krivosheentsy
27148 Khudoy Od TSapievka
27149 Stetsyuk Ao Krivosheentsy
27150 Garmatyuk In Krivosheentsy
27151 Tsapok Mm TSapievka
27153 Stogniy Nv Krivosheentsy
27155 Negodyuk If Krivosheentsy
27156 Labunskiy Va Krivosheentsy
27159 Okilita V0 TSapievka
27160 Moskalyuk Lm Krivosheentsy
27161 Svinar Ve Krivosheentsy
27162 Melnik Pi Krivosheentsy
27163 Stogniy Sn Krivosheentsy
27164 Gevchuk Km Krivosheentsy
27165 Chernega Mf Krivosheentsy
27166 Volokh Vs Krivosheentsy
27167 Gavrilyuk Nd Krivosheentsy
27168 Gavrilyuk Mi Krivosheentsy
27169 Bezdukhov Av Krivosheentsy
27170 Bondar Am Krivosheentsy
27171 Bodashevskiy Va Krivosheentsy
27172 Peklin Pm Krivosheentsy
27173 Navrotskiy Iv Krivosheentsy
27174 Nikolaev T0 Krivosheentsy
27175 Khrapak Vo Krivosheentsy
27176 Garkava Nyu Krivosheentsy
27177 Matseychuk Gv Krivosheentsy
27178 Mamchuk Am Krivosheentsy
27179 Zabrotskaya Mm Krivosheentsy
27180 Stogniy Vk Krivosheentsy
27181 Pilyuta Aa Krivosheentsy
27183 Peklin Krivosheentsy
27184 Krasnogolovets Yuo Krivosheentsy
27185 Knysh Iv Krivosheentsy
27186 Garkavyy Va Krivosheentsy
27187 Garmanyuk Im Krivosheentsy
27188 Shchur Mp TSapievka
27189 Khrapak Vo Krivosheentsy
27190 Mayboroda Vv Krivosheentsy
27193 Bodashevskiy As Krivosheentsy
27194 Olshevskiy TSapievka
27195 Stepanyuk Np Krivosheentsy
27196 Moskalyuk Aa Krivosheentsy
27198 Peklin Fo Krivosheentsy
27199 Klimenko Pk Krivosheentsy
27210 Zakharchuk Nm Krivosheentsy
27211 Shchur Mp Krivosheentsy
27212 Oleynik Sp Krivosheentsy
27213 Garkavyy Iyu Krivosheentsy

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