Reverse phone directory of Skvira (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineSkvira phone numbers range 22395-22614

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Phone Lastname, name Address
22395 Chernishenko Ii Tkhorovka
22396 Didkovskiy Sv Borovka
22397 Sluzhavyy Og Bezuglyaki
22398 Kishchuk Ii Tkhorovka
22399 Berlous Ii Tkhorovka
22510 Bichevska Se SHalievka
22511 Kushpil Ga SHalievka
22512 Mayok Vf SHalievka
22513 Levchuk Vd SHalievka
22514 Kuchipel Da SHalievka
22515 Krotyuk Vp SHalievka
22516 Shamanskiy Tv SHalievka
22517 Sutirin Lg SHalievka
22518 Lugin Ss SHalievka
22519 Kuchipel Mk SHalievka
22520 Korzun Vi SHalievka
22522 Sutirin Gl SHalievka
22523 Titarchuk Ga SHalievka
22524 Kamarnitska Gd SHalievka
22525 Bondar Ps SHalievka
22526 Terekhin Og SHalievka
22527 Mayok Mp SHalievka
22528 Volotovskiy Am SHalievka
22529 Dukhnyak Ga SHalievka
22530 Molchanov Dg SHalievka
22532 Chernyak Na SHalievka
22533 Krikun Kd SHalievka
22534 Manukiyan Lg SHalievka
22536 Sobutskiy Na SHalievka
22537 Chumak Vs SHalievka
22538 Moyseenko Vg SHalievka
22540 Manukiyan Lv SHalievka
22541 Klochko Td SHalievka
22542 Mayok Fg SHalievka
22543 Vasilchuk Vd SHalievka
22544 Maystruk Vm SHalievka
22545 Bovkun Me SHalievka
22546 Krivenko Ai SHalievka
22547 Bosenkiy Gf SHalievka
22548 Matsiychuk Op SHalievka
22549 Gitchenko Vr SHalievka
22550 Kogutenko Kp Tereshki / Kolomiytsa Ul., bld. 47
22551 Zorka Gd SHalievka / Sovetskaya Ul., bld. 23
22552 Borisyuk Iya SHalievka
22553 Palamarchuk Lp SHalievka
22554 Nagornyuk Iya SHalievka
22555 Lomarchuk Np SHalievka
22556 Mishchenko Sk SHalievka
22557 Lishchuk Vo SHalievka
22558 Podolen Rya SHalievka

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