Reverse phone directory of Skvira (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineSkvira phone numbers range 33522-33729

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Phone Lastname, name Address
33522 Karuk Ii SHapievka
33523 Ivanets Ii SHapievka
33524 Melnichenko Ii SHapievka
33525 Cherednichenko Ii SHapievka
33526 Polishchuk Ii SHapievka
33527 Vdovichenko Ii SHapievka
33528 Volinets Ai SHapievka
33529 Shpok Ii SHapievka
33530 Pizhevskiy Ii SHapievka
33532 Glembotska Ii SHapievka
33533 Shcheglyuk Ia SHapievka
33534 Stovbetska Ii SHapievka
33535 Priymak Ii SHapievka
33536 Koruk Ii SHapievka
33537 Grisyuk Ii SHapievka
33538 Zaema Ii SHapievka
33540 Zayoma Ra SHapievka
33541 Cheberyak Ve SHapievka
33542 Trigobchuk Pv SHapievka
33543 Ivanets Ii SHapievka
33546 Brovko Md SHapievka
33547 Kozyunets Ge SHapievka
33548 Koruk Ii SHapievka
33549 Dzera Vk SHapievka
33550 Dekalchuk Ii SHapievka
33551 Zayema Ii SHapievka
33552 Aleshina Ii SHapievka
33553 Koruk Ii SHapievka
33554 Dekalchuk Ii SHapievka
33555 Gnezdetskiy Ii SHapievka
33556 Ivanets Ii SHapievka
33557 Kiselevich Ii SHapievka
33558 Otkidach Ii SHapievka
33559 Karbivska Ii SHapievka
33560 Grinchiy Vya Maslova Ul., bld. 17
33612 Nazarchuk Gi Selezenovka
33710 Sobutskiy Ii Selezenovka
33711 Sulim Sa Selezenovka
33712 Nazarchuk Gi Selezenovka
33713 Gavrishchuk Op Selezenovka
33714 Tsapok Gl Selezenovka
33715 Melnik Yuo Selezenovka
33716 Pyankovskiy Mi Selezenovka
33717 Vorushilo Eo Selezenovka
33718 Patulya Mi Selezenovka
33719 Dudar Vm Selezenovka
33720 Krisina Sv Selezenovka
33721 Melnichuk Ts Selezenovka
33722 Goncharuk Ak Selezenovka
33723 Gabrishchuk Ma Selezenovka

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