Reverse phone directory of Skvira (Kievskaya oblast)

Reverse phone directory — is a classic phone directory, where is listed phone numbers by ascending. If you select any phone number, you can see information about his owner (firstname, lastname and home address). Many years ago, paper phone directories was printed in this way.

Dir: UkraineSkvira phone numbers range 28622-28691

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Phone Lastname, name Address
28622 Deshepolskiy Km Bespechnaya
28623 Gorkusha Mv Dulitskoe
28624 Shvets Gp Dulitskoe
28626 Makivskiy Aa Bespechnaya
28627 Zakharchuk As Dulitskoe
28629 Veritenko Pf Dulitskoe
28630 Didkivska Ni Dulitskoe
28632 Gorkusha Tm Dulitskoe
28633 Yurchik Mi Dulitskoe
28634 Verizhenko Vp Dulitskoe
28635 Molokova Vo Dulitskoe
28637 Klishch Ik Dulitskoe
28638 Shevchenko Op Dulitskoe
28642 Bilyak Nv Dulitskoe
28646 Samusenko Ni Dulitskoe
28648 Zhukovskaya Gi Dulitskoe
28650 Klishch Vs Dulitskoe
28651 Shabatin Tp Dulitskoe
28652 Tovstonog Pt Dulitskoe
28653 Kornienko Ki Dulitskoe
28654 Gatsenko Af Dulitskoe
28655 Movchan Oi Dulitskoe
28656 Kardash Gv Dulitskoe
28657 Gudz Mi Dulitskoe
28658 Fitsa Mp Dulitskoe
28659 Petrivskiy Vya Dulitskoe
28660 Bokov Mg Dulitskoe
28661 Zubko Ap Dulitskoe
28662 Kovchenko Av Dulitskoe
28663 Pavlivskiy Sn Dulitskoe
28664 Kutsenko Eya Dulitskoe
28665 Samusenko Ik Dulitskoe
28666 Klishch Im Dulitskoe
28667 Kumanskaya Zo Bespechnaya
28668 Batyusha Os Dulitskoe
28669 Fialko In Dulitskoe
28670 Katseleb Av Dulitskoe
28671 Gonenko Oa Dulitskoe
28672 Kovalchuk Vp Dulitskoe
28673 Shabatin Of Dulitskoe
28674 Bogutska Vb Dulitskoe
28676 Shabatin Np Dulitskoe
28677 Tovstonog Am Dulitskoe
28678 Gudz Ls Dulitskoe
28679 Kumanskiy Vs Dulitskoe
28681 Shimanskiy Av Dulitskoe
28682 Tovstonog Iya Dulitskoe
28683 Starodubtseva Tg Dulitskoe
28684 Mikhalchenko Oi Dulitskoe
28685 Gapnenko Vm Dulitskoe

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